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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Mortlach Connection

 By John B. Pluck

 It is hard for the average city resident to understand why persons would choose to live in a small rural community.

Anyone who has spent at least a day in a small rural community like Mortlach, nestled off the highway about an hour’s drive from Regina, would gain an appreciation for the reasons people call Mortlach home.


Finding Love on the Prairies

By Ntawnis Piapot

At the end of Main Street Moose Jaw is the Capone Hideout Hotel. Hang a right and you’ll come across Champs Nightclub. A typical club with a dance floor, a wooden bar and posters advertising the next UFC fight. It’s where you want to be if you want to meet new people.


From Mortlach to Tanzania, With Love

 By Elise Thomsen

Dodoma, Tanzania is over 14,000 kilometers from Mortlach, Saskatchewan. Many haven’t heard of either place, but Ron and Linda Locke called both home. The couple from Mortlach are in Dodoma doing charity work with the Christian Council of Tanzania.


First Responders

 By Lisa Schick

It’s one o’clock in the morning; a call wakes you up.  A voice on the other end of the line says “highway one, westbound lane, red car with flashers on, 45 male, chest pains.”


Horse Sense

 By Sarah Ferguson

 Five a.m. I awaken to construction in my back alley.
All summer long, Regina’s streets have been filled with holes, cement, rebar, and construction crews. There is no room to move. The downtown core is drowning in a sea of dust and dayglo orange signs.

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Local Rink a Community Effort

By Briana Shymanski

It’s only October in Mortlach, Saskatchewan. The combines are still out in the fields and the leaves have just begun to fall from the tress.  But there’s still no ice in the Mortlach rink. It will remain dark and warm until snow flies.